Fact! over 95% of all violent crime offenders

avoid Homes and Businesses that have a Guard Dog

K-9 Protection Guard Dog Training

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We Evaluate, Test, and Begin Training Protection Dogs for Both Personal Protection as Well as For Commercial Business Protection Guard Dog Service and Sales, Right After the Dog is About a year old.

Not Every Dog is Appropriate for Protection Work Despite the Breed.  We are looking for a particular temperment in the dogs we train for Guard and Personal Protection Work.

It is Important When Selecting a Protection Dog, or Training a Guard Dog for Protection and Guard Work, that the dog have a sweet lovable nature when around "GOOD GUYS!"


Like Little Boys - Family and Other Peoples Children -  Friends - and - Little Girls

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It is Important That a Good Guard Dog or Protection Trained Dog is Good Natured Around Other Dogs or Other Pets.

Like a Little Kitten!

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When you Start Training as the owner or "Handler" of your Dog that is Going Through Training, or Begin the Necessary Training to Learn How to Be Able to Have Control Over Your Guard Dog that you have just Bought, you will Understand that your Dog is not trained to be "MEAN."  We make sure that our Protection Dogs are ALL Tested and that their Temperments are Solid and Well Mannered.  Your dog will be perfectly well behavied and a lovable friend to you and others. You will have control of your Protection and Guard Dog, and have the Security and Feeling of Safety, knowing that When and if you need PROTECTION, YOU and YOUR DOG will be ALERT and READY in a SPLIT SECOND!


And then When you give the command or need your dog to "Stand Down" and be that well mannered and well trained friend again, you will have the confidence and training to be sure your dog can be with you in any environment or social situation!

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K-9 Protection Guard Dog Training

For K-9 Protection equipment/supplies/videos/dvd's, and a host of great trainining articles and one of the best sites on training period, and also great breeders, TLC K9 Academy is glad to reccomend http://www.leerburg.com

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"We can train ANY dog!"

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K-9 Protection Guard Dog Training

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